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Welcome to San Lorenzo, the “outskirts” of Suvereto kissed by the sun and caressed by the winds. The road runs straight between vineyards and olive groves, immersing itself in the silent landscape, grazed by the hills. The road also cuts through the Petricci and Del Pianta winery, a page in history that talks about men and women, loves and wines. Pietro Petricci, together with a few other farmers (Nico Rossi and Laura Topi) the historical memory of all the events related to wine in this area. “Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon’s sister, gave each family of San Lorenzo a piece of land. Casetta Petricci, where we are now, was built in the early 1900s and housed the working donkey “. The fil rouge that unites the company is the love between Pietro and Marilena who arrived here in ’57 from Anghiari, the heart of the Valtiberina. They got married in 1976 when wine was still a family comfort after a day of hard work. “The first to understand the great potential of wine was the historian Nadio Stronchi, also pushed by the great Veronelli, who well understood how it was changing the world. Shortly after, in 1983, thanks to the oenologist Marco Stefanini, the Alta Maremma Winemakers Association was founded. A story of great vision: with the harvest of 1984, all the producers bottled Corniello, the first collective wine. The story continues with the cooperative “Il Ghimbergo” supported by the mayor Walter Gasperini and his municipal administration. The DOC arrived in 1989 but in those years the world changed again, the sense of sharing left room for individualism. Today we are going back to our origins and the idea is also gaining ground in the countryside that you can’t go anywhere by yourself “. Pietro and Marilena love each other, in their gestures and words, it exudes a story of great sacrifices, glances, satisfactions. Emotional intensity. The farm is their home and those who stop here feel the warmth and authenticity of the people from Suvereto. “We are farmers. We understand the importance of marketing, but we are better at making wine with passion and attention “. The story continues with the energies, ideas and enthusiasm of their sons Fabio and Daniele with his wife Simona. After Marilena, Pietro’s great love is Sangiovese, a nectar that puts you to the test: “We are talking about 80 different clones. It is not easy to choose the right one in relation to the production area. It is a very generous blend that does not mature uniformly and is characterized by high tannins and acidity. An angular character that requires the ability to smooth it; it is not like Cabernet that is born round… But the difficult points of its character are also the merits of its identity”. His Sangiovese is called Buca di Cleonte: he was a young man who in the 1930s committed suicide for love in a “buca” (valley). The other passion of Pietro and Marilena is called Stillo, an Aleatico passito, passionate and provocative. “It was love at first sight thanks to a farmer from Elba who introduced us to this great little divine miracle. We inserted the buds of an abandoned vineyard into our cuttings and there began this beautiful story that culminates with the DOC achieved in 2000. It is called Stillo because there is always very little, it is precious and must be distilled”. The other passito is called Stilloro and is made with Ansonica. The winery is a choral of beautiful stories like Nubio a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon dedicated to his father: Cerosecco, a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon reminiscent of a centuries-old Turkey oak from San Lorenzo Alto, dead but standing for many years. The other Sangiovese is Albatrone. Fabula and Bianco di Casetta are the two whites, one pure Vermentino, the other also made with Trebbiano. Liseo, on the other hand, tells the story of the bubbles of a classical sparkling wine with Vermentino grapes.

And Suvereto for Pietro and Marilena? They answer in chorus: “A place where you live well, in a hospitable community, following the rhythms of nature. It is a small village. But there is always a lot in small things: a wonderful countryside and a climate not so different from Paradise “.


“A place where you live well, in a hospitable community, following the rhythms of nature. It is a small village. But there is always a lot in small things: a wonderful countryside and a climate not so different from Paradise”.


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