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It’s too risky to keep dreams in the drawer. This is what Luca and Francesca thought at a certain point in their lives immersed in marketing and creativity given to companies such as Rinascente, Dolce & Gabbana and Yoox. Falling in love is a nice thing. It becomes beautiful when it enhances common passions. That of Francesca and Luca is wine and so begun the journey towards the land of dreams, towards Tuscany. Not Bolgheri or Montalcino but an unexplored land, waiting to be discovered. And so, the journey along coastal Tuscany stopped at Barbiconi on the hills of Suvereto, in the Val di Cornia. “We never expected nature to have such a strong impact on us here.” We are in the Val di Cornia but the animus of the Maremma, bristly, wild, authentic is clearly perceptible. Barbiconi is a place full of energy and steeped in strong contrasts: “The hills are gentle in shape but have a stony and calcareous soul; they impose work and effort on the plants and on us who work them; the temperature can be mild and pleasant or cut the skin when the north winds blow. When we arrived here there was no running water. Difficult for those who lived in Milan … “The dream immediately turned into hard work supported by passion and a choice of life: “When we return from the fields, fatigue is directly proportional to the joy and satisfaction of doing what we feel, with our hands and with our hearts.” Francesca and Luca have always mainly trusted their taste; instinct accompanied by sensations: ” tasting from the tank at the end of fermentation in October 2008, after the first harvest, gave us the answers we were looking for: taut, acidic, straight; just as we wanted it. “Barbiconi is on the crest and enjoys a continent climate with strong temperature changes. We decline single grape varieties: it is important to leave them alone to enhance their identity. The common thread is natural acidity, elegance, minerality, subtle aromas, never blatant, always in chiaroscuro. The monotypes tell the expressiveness of the territory better”.

The wines have been baptized with the names of characters who in classical mythology were transformed into trees that characterize this area. The two whites are produced with 100% Viognier and Vermentino vines: Bauci (lime) and Filemone (oak). The reds are Fillide (almond), the only blend made up of Sangiovese, Syrah, and Alicante; Pitis (pine), a 100% Syrah; Ciparisso (cypress), 100% Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc. “Francesca and I put a lot of passion and desire to always learn, every day. Our teacher is Federico Curtaz, native of Aosta Valley and Piedmontese by adoption, a point of reference in viticulture. We work well together because we instinctively think in the same way: we do not bow to the logic imposed by the market or by “label” requirements and we pursue an ethical goal, from production to communication. La Fralluca describes a wine with a strong character, never conventional, elegant in bearing and soul; like a sincere person it is clear where it comes from and where it wants to go.

“Suvereto is a watershed between the coast and the rugged heart of the Maremma”. Where are your Genius loci? For Luca, “the two palms and the two benches that from the fortress of the village look out towards the great opening of the Val di Cornia: sea, islands, vineyards, sun and wind”. For Francesca “Suvereto is a wild flowering that expresses balance between the strong contrasts of the territory and harmony based on the diversity of the elements”.


“Suvereto is a wild flowering that expresses balance between the strong contrasts of the territory and harmony based on the diversity of the elements”.


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