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Our red wine is obtained from the land of eternally peaceful light studded with obstacles and illusions, to always drink with moderation and wisdom, to only drink if happy and at ease. The white wine is obtained thanks to the winds and the colours of its homeland “. In these words, there is the whole soul of Incontri, Alessandro Martelli’s company, an ambitious winemaker who looks at the world and his land with sensitivity, disenchantment, and openness. Incontri was founded in 1967 thanks to the heart and hands of Martellino Martelli, Alessandro’s grandfather. Few dreams and a lot of work and the desire to do things properly also inspired his son Renzo who together with Marcella from 1985 began to bottle the “historic” white Ghimbergo (Trebbiano, Ansonica, Vermentino, Claret, Biancone and Malvasia) and red (Sangiovese, Colorino and Cabernet). The turning point came with Alessandro who bought the ownership of the house and who rented the land, merging the various divisions that had “broken up” the company over time. Alessandro’s curiosity and vision are the basis of a closed-circuit company that does not need to procure raw materials such as fertilizer externally. “The production cycle is internal and with Covid I decided to cultivate the vines without resorting to the use of sulphur, copper using only herbal products and biodynamic preparations such as sweet orange essential oil, rock dust and biodynamic decoctions”, Alessandro says, revealing his goal: “To improve the place where my roots lie and to be able to share it with others. The principles that inspire the Earth Charter are the basis of every activity carried out in the company “. In the name – Encounters – there is the meaning of the wine that comes from this land: experience, knowledge, sharing. “I let you smell the earth and the surrounding air to smell the essences of rosemary, chamomile and dandelion; it is a land that smells of life. And this land is in my wine”. The secret of this land is the equal percentage of sand, clay and silt enriched with a strong ferrous component.

The production of natural wine is linked to the idea of ​​improving our human existence. It was not an easy path, accompanied by the distrust of those who have a traditional view of agriculture. The first Vermentino Orange Wine was made in 2010 and immediately received important appreciation and without even wanting to, I find myself sharing this philosophy with other European producers. An importer tasting my wine exclaimed: “Gravner!”, or rather the best biodynamic producers of orange! Vermentino, Trebbiano, Cabernet, Merlot (all in pure) and a red IGT, here we produce a Vermentino refermented in the bottle and a Spumante with the classic ancestral method (without disgorgement), without the addition of sugars or yeasts. Suvereto in a nutshell for Alessandro? “Air, sky, stars, colour that you will find in the scents and flavours”.


“Take a country road, then stop your car or bike. Walk for 100 metres and then stand still. Feel the wind, smell the perfume, hear the noises, and the whispers of the countryside. They are the voices of Suvereto that are speaking. It is a hospitable place. The libeccio wind makes us a bit cranky but we are open and friendly people”.


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