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The life of Fabio Chiarelotto, who was born in Switzerland but whose mother was from Campiglia Marittima, was immersed in historical studies and research. In when 1998 in Zurich, he tasted a glass of Nardo, from the Montepeloso farm. It seemed like any other day, but in that glass, there was the essence of his life that was about to change. “At that time, I was working in Haiti but in a week, I decided to head for Suvereto… Together with Andreas Steffen, a winemaker, we bought Montepeloso”. You cannot command your heart, that wine had hit the mark by touching the sensitivity of Fabio, deeply in love with this territory. “I smelt the scent of this land and set off in search of the Genius loci, learning about this corner of Tuscany by interpreting it through all its different potentials. I am a historian and I work starting from the macro to get to the micro”. In the early years Fabio worked with the oenologist Luca D’Attoma producing Nardo, a super Tuscan made with Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon; Rosso di Montepeloso, a base wine; and Gabbro, a pure Cabernet Sauvignon. “In 2003 the adventure with Andreas ended, and I continued alone with the idea of ​​detaching myself from the globalized approach that characterizes the Tuscan coast with the people of Bordeaux. After a few years of experimenting with varieties that have a history and form the backbone of the territory’s identity, I identified the vines that would represent the local blend: Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Alicante and Black Malvasia. I realized that there are two paths to follow: Gabbro would be our voice in the chorus of international wines, while Eneo (the Grand Vin) and Nardo (selection of the oldest vines) would be the solo voice that would sing for the territory of Suvereto. A Quo, on the other hand, was the entry wine, the result of a Mediterranean blend”.

In 2007, Silvio Denz, a well-known Swiss entrepreneur and great wine lover, and owner of the Bordeaux companies Chateau Faugères, Chateau Péby-Faugères, Chateau Rocheyron and Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey in Sauternes joined the company.

The experience of Montepeloso is a continuous work in progress on the path of knowledge of this territory which, compared to other realities such as Burgundy or Piedmont, is younger from an oenological point of view. “There is no Suvereto brand but here there is a lot of substance and quality. Wild and uncontaminated lands that smell of the Mediterranean where the salinity and spicy notes of the scrub stand out; the minerality of the soils that bring back the characteristics of the hinterland. The challenge in a context of Mediterranean abundance is to be able to create balance and harmony. We are in a warm environment where you have to be careful not to overdo it. Transforming the sensations that this territory transmits into wine is the mission of Montepeloso”. And the results show that Fabio, together with Fabrizio Moltard, a talented winemaker, has won this challenge. Bringing innovation to a territory where the farming identity is rooted is not something trivial.

Where does the heart of Suvereto beat? “Over there, at the foot of Monte Calvi, inside the scented secrets of the Mediterranean scrub; dense and impenetrable, it is a place of purity”.


“Over there, on the slopes of Monte Calvi, inside the scented secrets of the Mediterranean scrub; dense and impenetrable, is a place of purity.


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