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The scent of everyday family life, farmer’s stories, affection, and conviviality. The countryside of Suvereto that does not conform to any trend is identified in Bruscello where people live in symbiosis with the land. Laura Topi Celembrini’s heart and soul are the present, past and future of this small ancient world: “The history of Bruscello began in 1953 with grandfather Torquato, a sharecropper, and continued in 1970 with his son Angiolo. It was the time of wheat and barley. Not even tomatoes used to grow here … Water was scarce and so there was the idea of ​​planting the first vineyard “. Laura’s energy, strength and vision are the spark that projects Bruscello towards modernity and the development of wine production, also thanks to the presence of another great resource, that of Enrico Giannellini, factotum, and engine of the company. “In the 1990s we had one of the first pneumatic presses. Graziana Grassini, an oenologist friend, made fun of us: you bought a Ferrari, but you didn’t have the money for the petrol. We were adventurers with a lot of passion, just remember that we were among the first to bottle in 1983”. The project of oenologist Marco Stefanini is the beginning of the Bruscello wine history: Sangiovese, Colorino, Trebbiano, Barbera, Malvasia and the ancient Giacomino already known by the Etruscans. At the dawn of the third millennium, dreams and projects continued by replanting the vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, and Ansonica.

The farm is also known as Cantina Togliatti. It was 1949 and after a meeting in Piombino, Palmiro Togliatti was invited, with Nilde Iotti by the Bernardeschi family for lunch in the countryside washed down with good wine, friendship, and passion, including the clandestine one between the manager and the lady who became the first president of the Chamber.

Michele, Laura’s son, in addition to wine has a passion for cooking; a great sensitivity towards the raw material and its transformations with the cultural baggage of ancient traditions: “In the cellar I feel the past and I become a child again; tradition supported by small and necessary technological innovations is always the road to follow, just as it happens in the kitchen “.

Laura and Michele have a certainty accompanied by a pinch of justified pride: “The wine that expresses this territory is the barricaded Ansonica; ignored for years by everyone but we have always believed in it”.


“At the Martini restaurant, without a doubt, the tortelli with wild boar sauce are a milestone and here you can breathe the air of Suvereto”.


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