discover the suvereto wine producers

The setting of Suvereto is unique in the stretch of the Tuscan coast. The Etruscans and the Romans had sensed the richness and potential of an area which, although not very extensive, is characterized by an exceptional variety of settings, an important complexity of soils and an ideal microclimate for producing great wines.


The Val di Cornia is an alluvial plain that is characterized by being the link between the sea and the Metalliferous Hills. The pedoclimatic conditions are ideal for growing vines and producing high quality wines. The proximity of the sea has an important mitigating effect on the climate that gives extremely hot summers moderated by the Mistral wind coming from the sea, that cools the environment. The richness and variety of the soils give Suvereto wines a particular minerality and strong sapidity that are added to the essences of an intact and pure Mediterranean scrub. Structure and elegance are rooted in the beneficial effects of a warm and persistent sun that characterizes this corner in the heart of the Mediterranean.


The elements that characterize the Suvereto area are the hilly amphitheatre that embraces the plain open towards the coast and is crossed by the Cornia river. In particular, the amphitheatre consists of Mount Calvi, with its 600 metres, the highest in the area and an incredible viewpoint that stretches your gaze from the Apuan Alps to Maremma and then onto the Tuscan Archipelago; Belvedere hill overlooks the village; the hill of San Lorenzo Alto, is a natural extension of the green of the Montioni Natural Park; Montepeloso, is a perfect synthesis of the Suvereto terroir where red clays blend with schists and sands; and where coloured marble emerges from the ferrous soil creating a skeleton where the vineyards find an ideal environment. The presence of three waterways such as the Cornia (the main one) and the two tributaries Milia and Massera create the conditions for accentuated temperature variations between day and night, a determining factor in the formation of acidity in the grape pulp, an important element that allows a good freshness and the longevity of the wine.


Biodiversity is the valuable element of this land which is expressed with different voices and in great harmony. And “human” biodiversity is the element that characterizes the producers of Suvereto who travel together, combining their experiences by building an identity made of land, hands, and wine. For these reasons, the Suveretan setting, together with the knowledge of trained and highly experienced winemakers, is a place where the production of international wines made with Bordeaux blends and wines made with native vines stands out for its undisputed quality and deep-rooted identity. An important role is played by Sangiovese, the Tuscan red grape par excellence that is in good company with a sunny Vermentino together with Trebbiano, Ansonica, Aleatico and Clairette. Among the vines of French origin, this territory offers ideal conditions for Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Viognier. And the coexistence of Bordeaux is an ancient story that dates back to Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon’s sister, who first brought the French vines here at the beginning of the 19th century.