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When they bought the land in 1984 in Notri in Suvereto, the idea of ​​Rita Tua and Virgilio Bisti was to cultivate the land and produce a good extra virgin olive oil. But when passions explode, they cannot be contained and that for wine, over time, has generated today’s Tua Rita. In 1992 the first vintage of Giusto di Notri was bottled, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The consecration came with the 1994 harvest when a small quantity of Merlot aged in barrique took the name of Redigaffi: it would be the first wine to reach the 100/100 milestone of Robert Parker with the year 2000 vintage. All the labels tell of the quality and coherence the Suveretan terroir. Mrs. Rita’s “family” way continues to be the main way of running the company that can count on her daughter Simena with her husband Stefano and the new generation with Giovanni. The intuition behind the affirmation of this company, symbol of the territory of Suvereto, at the beginning of the 90s, with the awareness that by now food and wine were no longer essential elements in nutrition, but real pleasures of life: today it seems an almost trivial concept, but at the time it was not like that. Giovanni inherited ancient farming wisdoms that integrate well with the great changes dictated by globalization in the name of the balance between man and the environment, with his attachment to the land and use of technology. The balance between the origins and a conscious and sustainable development of the company is the element that has always protected the authenticity of this place where people work without ever losing sight of the delicate beauty of the environment. Redigaffi is an important signature in the international wine world but in the cellar and in the vineyards, you can feel the simplicity and richness of the small rural world of Suvereto, always open to great horizons. The high quality of the wines brings the world to Suvereto and not vice versa. The secret of Tua Rita? Working with a lightness and enthusiasm of those who follow their passions, taking care of details without chasing numbers and turnover. Living and working in the countryside, respecting the land, with elegance and aesthetic taste.

Where to discover the identity of Suvereto? Simena has no doubts: “Among the medieval stones of the historic centre and immersed in the nature of Montepeloso, where you get in tune with the real rural soul of this part of Tuscany”.


"Among the medieval stones of the historic centre and immersed in the nature of Montepeloso, where you get in tune with the real rural soul of this part ofTuscany".


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