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“The shining beauty of a territory that connects the Tuscan countryside and the sea excited us. We were on holiday in San Carlo, in the hills between San Vincenzo and Suvereto”. Thus, began the adventure of Chiara and Carlo Andrea Gatti in the Val di Cornia. And it will be an intense adventure, scented with wine and friendship. “The Reichenberg family entrusted us with two hectares of vineyard in the Notri area, cared for like a child for many years and planted in the early 1980s by the oenologist Federico Staderini”. The first harvest in 2013 was a magical moment, the first step towards what would become TerraVita, a biodynamic farm that, over the years, has grown by embracing the lands in Gregana and Palazzotto. Extremely interesting lands, a link between the solitary and wild environment of the hinterland with the coast, characterized by a stone skeleton consisting mainly of Galestro, a brittle stone and generous with minerals. The vineyards of TerraVita include varieties of Sangiovese and Pugnitello as well as French grape varieties: Grenache, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. The macerated white, aged in terracotta jars and amphorae, is made with Trebbiano, Procanico and a small amount of white Malvasia. The story of Chiara and Carlo Andrea is full of friendships with winegrowers and winemakers who are faithful to the production of natural wines. One of these is Andrea Bargiacchi, soul of TerraVita. Winemaker, traveller, dreamer, philosopher deeply in love with the land, he could be a poet but instead he proudly claims he is a farmer: “First of all comes the earth. Biodynamic processing requires commitment and rigor “. Andrea has a great experience and an important history behind him (near Terre a Mano and I Mandorli) and knows well that Suvereto is a very hot place that involves the risk of producing “marmalade” wines; thanks to biodynamics, the problem can be overcome with meticulous work in the vineyard. The use of processed preparations and fertilizers allows a healthy and balanced growth of the plant through the care of the quality of the earth. “The vine, if placed in ideal conditions, is a generous plant, it does not need the pressures that in conventional agriculture, often intensive, lead to the impoverishment of the soil, causing a loss of energy and a gradual sterility over the years. In TerraVita we therefore work on the structure of the earth, favouring the development of fungi and bacteria, carefully avoiding the compaction resulting from the mechanization caused by the frequent passage of tractors”, Andrea confides. In a word, TerraVita: the essence of this company is where the paths of Chiara, Carlo and Andrea meet to make quality wines, with a strong identity, in balance with Mother Nature, elegant in taste and soul. In this small paradise between the Cornia and Miglia rivers, a wine which is faithful to the earth and the fruit is born, it expresses conviviality and invites an energetic and spiritual approach that sets in motion strong emotions.


Chiara, Carlo and Andrea are also in harmony in describing Suvereto as "the meeting of passions (food and wine), beauty (sea and hills) and people. It is no coincidence that the spirit of these places can be breathed during the festivities in the village, a place of human biodiversity, goblets of joy and corners of profound silence like the former cloister of San Francesco ".


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